5 Ways Coworking Spaces Benefit Remote Workers

Coworking spaces offer focus, increased productivity, and much more

As the world increasingly embraces remote work, coworking has become a fast-growing trend. Five key benefits of coworking spaces have caused them to rapidly grow in popularity among remote workers:

  • The change of scenery they provide
  • Networking opportunities
  • Amenities that people may not have at home
  • The focused environment they offer
  • An optimal space for meetings and collaborative work

If you work remotely and are eager to get out of the house (or the noisy coffee shop), coworking spaces provide an ideal solution. They allow you to go to a designated place of work every day, or as often as you choose, without making a long commute. And some companies are cutting costs by moving out of expensive offices in favor of renting coworking space for employees to use.

Now, let’s explore the five reasons to consider coworking if you work remotely.

Change of scenery

Working from your home every day can cause focus to plummet and potentially lead to full-on burnout. In fact, 86% of remote workers have experienced substantial burnout (compared to 69% of employees who work at a company office). Most people benefit strongly from working outside of the home at least some of the time.

Why? Diversity of scenery can invigorate us, renewing our enthusiasm for our work. Plus, going to another location establishes a boundary that separates work from other aspects of life, promoting work-life balance. It prevents your work from being interrupted—either by family members or other distractions, like thinking about household chores you need to do.

Importantly, the coworking setting typically gives you an environment where you’ll enjoy working, too. You get to step into an attractive, professionally designed space with great natural lighting, which will boost your mood throughout the workday.

    Ability to network

    Networking allows people to build their reputation, gaining visibility in their field. For entrepreneurs, it can improve business growth and open new doors for their ventures. For these reasons, many people come to coworking spaces partly out of desire for community. And coworking spaces deliver, connecting them with other ambitious and community-minded people.

    Peers in a coworking space might connect informally over lunch or coffee, for instance. Together, they can build their professional circle in mutually beneficial ways.

    Importantly, networking with these peers brings less pressure than networking at the company office. Because there’s no sense of competition for the next raise or promotion, no one has to worry about being constantly evaluated, and there’s virtually no potential for office drama.

    Amenities you don’t have at home

    A coworking space typically provides an array of amenities that people often don’t have at home. Such amenities often include cleaning, a staffed reception desk, complementary coffee, and printing, along with ergonomic furniture. Most offer kitchen access as well, which allows patrons to eat healthy, balanced meals and snacks throughout the workday, supporting mental stamina. The option to use a professional business address for mail is another perk.

    Likeminded individuals

    Everyone at a coworking space is there to work—as opposed to a coffee shop, where not everyone is driven and focused. Many people have trouble staying productive in a noisy, bustling space where the people around them are engaged in conversation. In contrast, a coworking space minimizes distractions while creating a focused atmosphere, boosting self-discipline, motivation, and productivity.

    In fact, a coworking space can boost motivation and engagement by at least 84%, along with creativity. For such reasons, participants in a German study found that utilizing a coworking space increased their overall job satisfaction.

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